When I first met Milan in September 2017, I was 87.5kg and 17.3% fat massa. I shared my objective with him and 2 days later, my training plan AND my nutrition plan were ready to be used. In three months time, I had lost 8kg, 7.3% fat massa, double the weight I can lift and reached my goal. Amazing, right ?! But this is not the best part in Milan’s achievements. Why ? Because the most important aspect of such programs is to maintain it, even after the “coaching period”. And here I am; 4 months later, I am still increasing my strenght, my weight is stable and I feel as I never felt before: sharp, accurate, powerful. And this is thanks to the in depth work performed by Milan by explaining why you do what you do and how you can improve it, even on your own. All this made possible by his continuous learning (yes, I saw him reading books on nutrition during his breaks!). In a word like in many: Thanks a lot Milan !