I trained with Milan for 3 months – following both the training programme and his diet plan.

Training Sessions: I trained with Milan 2 -3 times a week over the duration. My focus was mainly on weight training and Milan really encouraged me throughout and I could really see the difference by the end of the programme (e.g by the end the weights I was using was significantly heavier, my legs and arms were leaner and stronger). The sessions were focused but fun and Milan pushed me but in a supportive and positive way.

Diet Plan: Milan’s diet plan for me really worked when I was able to follow it strictly. I lost several kilos and the only thing that stopped me losing a more significant amount of weight on the plan was my own lifestyle which made it difficult to follow it strictly. However I still now go back to the plan and stick to it on as many days as I can.

Overall Experience: I really enjoyed training with Milan. For me it was important that I trained with someone who I could get along with and I really enjoyed all of my sessions with Milan (even if I never want to see a Slam Ball again). We were able to have a chat and get to know each other while still making lots of progress. It made getting up for the sessions a lot easier. I would really recommend Milan especially for others like me – not super sporty/fit, who need guidance and need to train in an environment that does not make you self conscious. I also highly recommend Fresh Fitness – it was a fantastic gym.